Design your hybrid workplace

Design the hybrid workplace that fits your organization and supports your business needs

Are you lost in all the research about hybrid workplaces? Do you feel like none of the models are perfectly aligned with what your organization needs? Let us help you design your own hybrid workplace and align your internal needs with your business demands.

We align all stakeholders during 4 interactive sessions
We build the hybrid workplace that best fits your organizational and business needs
We co-create a high-level roadmap that can serve as a guide for your implementation

Value Proposition

Every organization will make plans to return to the workplace in a new hybrid way. A lot of general research has already been conducted on the best way to do so. Your organization, business and client needs, however, are unique and your hybrid workplace has the best guarantee for success when aligned with all those needs.

We designed a set of 4 persona-based workshops (8 hours total) to help you align with hybrid workplace expectations of your employees, your clients and your organization. We will deliver a high-level roadmap to roll-out your hybrid workplace. These workshops can be organized according to your needs (remote/on site, one block/separate)

  • Inspiration session
  • Broad exploration workshop
  • Envision new ideas
  • Compare and refine future ideas


  • We are your minds and hands: we can follow up a project from A-Z.
  • We assess your organizational best practices and future needs.
  • We work in multidisciplinary teams (HR, Operations, IT, marketing/comm) around real-life working situations.
  • We collect your best practices and inspire you with hybrid workplace best practices.
Find out what this could mean for your business

Design your hybrid workplace

On request

Prices are per change project and can vary depending on the complexity and duration of your project.

Projects are delivered in 1 language (ENG, FR or NL), but translations can be coordinated on request.

Our references

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Gwen Deschacht

As a people person, Gwen has a focus on the human part of change, and how people can thrive in new working situations. She has more than 10 years of experience in change management consultancy as well as digital workplace and IT-implementation consultancy.
As a change manager certified in Prosci’s ADKAR methodology, her main strength is stakeholder management : advising, training, communicating and detecting/managing resistance.

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