Demand Forecasting on Azure

Make your sales & operations process more intelligent by leveraging AI

Organizations looking to take sales and operations to the next level by putting data to work.

Improved productivity and transparency
Decreased TCO Immediate results: deployed in days instead of weeks/months

Value Proposition

Improve how you tackle your sales & operations process by using AI. This template includes automated model selection and retraining to have the solution grow with your business. Predefined dashboards in Power BI give insights in sales and model performance. To ease user adoption, we include an easy to use, easy to understand frontend in Excel, a tool which users know. The solution can run on-premises or in the cloud on Azure.


Use AI to turn your data into an added resource helping you plan production and inventory

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Demand Forecasting Package

€ 30,000
one-off/unlimited number of users

Packaged consulting services


Excl. SW licenses

Packaged consulting services:

Limited to 20 mandays

Right to use IP

6 months limited warranty

Excl. maintenance

Excl. integration

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Maarten Herthoge

Maarten is team lead of the Data Science team. He has been working as a functional and technical business intelligence consultant at delaware since 2015. He specializes in the domain of data & analytics with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence. This started with Microsoft SQL Server but quickly included the Azure cloud platform as well. Maarten earned the Microsoft Professional Degree in data science and is an Azure certified professional for big data solutions. He combines technical expertise in the Microsoft (Azure) ecosystem with a background in business economics and computer science engineering and has a passion to align and improve business and IT by putting data to work.

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