Data Quality Assessment

Assess the quality and potential of your customer data

For companies that want to become data driven that lack insights into the potential of their customer data assets.

Gain an overview of all of the customer information available within your organization
Insights into the quality and potential of your company’s data assets
A list of opportunities for future data analysis initiatives

Value Proposition

The data quality assessment is the perfect starting point for your data-driven initiatives. It provides you an extensive report ,including an overview of the completeness and correctness of your data across systems. Additionally, we provide a list containing potential next steps that enabling you to start generating value from your data as rapidly as possible.


  • A detailed review of the quality and availability of your customer data.
  • A list of opportunities for future data analysis and quality improvements.
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Basic package


Packaged consulting services

Start requirements

  • Data is in a structured SQL format Analysis is limited to 10 tables from max. 3 different environments
  • Remote access to the environment available

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Kevin De Beck

Kevin De Beck is a Customer Data team data scientist at delaware. By applying his background in business economics and his passion for data science, he assists organizations in generating value from data through the development of high-performing, data-driven solutions.

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