Data Center Migration Assessment

Carefully consider the implications on IT, business & governance when moving to the cloud

for whom?

Companies who are considering moving their data center to the cloud, but wonder if the cloud is ready for them.



Assessing the impact of data center migration on IT, business and governance.


  • Discover how to get started, what the added value is for your company and what a migration would look like. 
  • Governance: If I move (parts of) my IT environment to the cloud, what will be the impact on my IT and organization?
  • Selecting the best cloud option, aligned with your business activities.

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Value Proposition

  1. Technical assessment: We use automated tools to scan existing environments and determine what is there and how everything is connected. Afterwards, a code inspection is performed to determine how certain applications could be moved to the cloud and according to which model. Sometimes, we’ll need to upgrade applications to a newer version to make cloud migration possible. During this entire assessment process, we’re continuously looking for optimization opportunities. We then discuss our findings with the client and provide a cost and timing estimation for each scenario.
  2. Governance assessment: One of the effects of moving to the cloud is the elimination of traditional silos. Certain responsibilities may overlap, which can cause confusion. Companies should reorganize themselves and need to reconsider roles and responsibilities. Based on our research, we develop a ‘governance runbook’, that contains all the rules and agreements needed to keep the organization running smoothly.

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Data Center

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Our expert

Gunter Dewitte

With more then10 years’ experience within the cloud, security and hosting services area, Gunter is continuously looking how Cloud can be leveraged to optimise customer’s daily operations and business processes and how this contributes to adapt faster to business changes and stay ahead from competition. Specifically combining different Cloud ecosystems and services is the answer to benefit from what the Cloud landscape has to offer. Gunter brought many customers to the right cloud platform by advising & guiding customers with a strong migration plan that provides insight in possibilities, do’s and don’ts and explains what the impact will be on your (IT) organisation when adopting it. Gunter is looking forward making this journey with you.

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