Daltix Pricing Engine

Monitor retail prices and get insights in your competitor's pricing strategy.

for whom?

For key account managers, category managers, pricing managers and purchasing managers who want to improve their pricing strategy and beat the competition.


  • Monitor the price levels of your competitors and get daily change alerts
  • Identify and optimize pricing strategies


  • Win deals by automating data collection, processing, interpretation and visualization.
  • Gain detailed price insights cross-category and cross-channel
  • Increase competitive positioning and strategic pricing, and act on relevant price changes in your market

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Value Proposition

  • Operational: Receive daily alerts on the most relevant price changes and stay on top of your game. Identify price deviations and create value by tracking price increases and erosions. Get to know regional price differences in one click.
  • Strategic: Finetune your pricing strategy by mapping the prices per retailer or brand on a detailed level. Get indications of your competitors' margins and tackle your competitor's pricing strategy across your different channels and categories. 

Pricing Plan

Basic Package

€12 000/year

Weekly updates, weekly reporting

Packaged consulting services

Limited to 3 national retailers

Limited to 50 SKU's

Contract of 1 year

Advanced Package

€36 000/year

Daily updates, daily reporting

Packaged consulting services

Basic package + 10 regional stores

Limited to 100 SKU's

Contract of 1 year

Our expert

Sven Arnauts

Sven combines his expertise and experience in performance management and artificial intelligence with his prior career as marketing manager. He assists his clients towards growing sustainable profitable businesses by managing customer value. Aside from his consulting work, Sven is a respected teacher and guest speaker at several institutes and national and international conferences.

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