CX Covid-19 Pulse

Monitor and increase employee well-being

For all companies interested in the well-being of their remote employees. How are workers feeling? What tools and support measures do they need to do their jobs?

Keep in touch with employee well-being
Link employee and operations data
Ensure that everyone stays on the right track

Value Proposition

With CX Covid-19 Pulse, companies can check in with their (remote) employees, monitor their well-being and take proactive measures to ensure that everyone is properly supported.


  • Short or extended survey template
  • Out-of-the-box reports
  • Same-day delivery
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Starter edition

Activation fee

Per extra run fee: €100

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Christoph has more than 13 years experience and has a passion for customer engagement and commerce. “We seek to create magical moments for our customers so they can amaze their own customers.”

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