Content marketing discovery workshop

Discover your content marketing purpose through an interactive visualization workshop

For marketers and marketing departments at medium or large companies. For mixed teams at small to medium sized companies. For start- and scale-ups. For anyone looking to boost their content marketing.

You co-create a tailor-made content marketing plan and strategy
Enjoy a highly interactive workshop using visualization tactics
Learn to get your unique message across to your B2B audiences

Value Proposition

  • Every participant is invited to draw along: it's a 'visualization workshop light' combined with a content marketing deep-dive. 
  • The visualization of your content marketing = be more creative = understand and remember better. 
  • Everything covered is 100% focused on your customers. 
  • The whole team becomes perfectly atuned to the 5 Ws and 1 H. 
  • Gain a crystal clear understanding of how your content marketing strategy and plan will deliver on your goals. 
  • Consistently get your unique message across to your B2B audiences.
  • For building a content marketing plan from scratch, OR re-evaluating your current content marketing plans, OR defining a content marketing approach for a specific business unit or content asset.
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  • A highly interactive workshop that involves every participant. Generating consensus on how to move forward with content marketing towards your target groups.
  • Insights are highly reusable for other marketing plans as well: target group definitions, buyer personas, customer journeys, storylines, tone of voice, channel analysis, content audit and more.
  • You get a complete, concise and holistic content marketing plan (from strategy to operations; from lead generation to thought leadership); enabling you to create and distribute content straight away.
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The SME package

For the lean, no-nonsense content marketer

  • 1 day workshop facilitated by a senior consultant
  • Up to 6 participants in total
  • A high-level content marketing plan and calendar is delivered

The extended package

For in-depth content marketing plans and projects

  • 3 days of workshops facilitated by 2 senior consultants
  • Up to 12 participants
  • A detailed content marketing plan and calendar is delivered

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Dirk Stael

Content marketing consultant and content creator for big tech companies.
Change communication and change management consultant, helping enterprises realize the objectives of their change (IT) initiatives.
Trainer of presentations skills (‘Giving great presentations is easy as 1, 2, 3’).

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