Cloud Watch Service

The Microsoft Cloud is evolving rapidly, with multiple new capabilities each year.

The delaware Cloud Watch Service simplifies Microsoft’s array of emerging cloud solutions. This package is for technical/business professionals responsible for collaboration, internal communication and business processes in Office 365.

UNDERSTAND how cloud services can be combined to create new ways of working
ASSESS their current landscape to identify which solutions offer the greatest impact for their specific digital workplace
TRANSLATE these solutions into tangible results by providing hands-on experience with selected features using proof-of-concept cases
IMPLEMENT customized solutions designed for their specific organizational models to increase their business potential, extend their enterprise productivity and maximize ROI

Value Proposition

The delaware Cloud Watch Service emphasizes a community-oriented approach designed to get customers talking about the possibilities of the cloud in innovative new ways.

Experienced professionals give a mix of workshops to like-minded companies who rely on the same trusted Microsoft Cloud platform. These workshops are followed by an individual deep dive session into all things cloud-related. The goal is to provide an open environment in which to share your questions and ideas with the rest of the Cloud Watch Team. By talking to companies at different stages of the transformation process and sharing experiences, the big picture emerges. In addition, participants benefit from the insights of our own cloud experts, which will enable them to add value to their business scenarios using the Office 365 platform.


The service is focused on offering advice and clarification in positioning the enormous number of features, tools and experiments that Microsoft provides in the Office 365 and Azure domains.

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Cloud Watch Service


Packaged consulting services


Joint Events

3 1/2-day sessions per year off-site | Multiple participants

Deep Dives & Application Of 0365 To Your Business Case

1 individual deep dive of 1 day


Interacting through a Microsoft Team

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Vincent Sterken

Vincent has been active in the information management domain since 2007, first as an archivist, then as consultant for EIM suites and collaborative platforms. In this capacity, he has taken on the roles of functional analyst, workshop facilitator, SCRUM master and project manager. Today, he is guiding customers in making optimal use of their digital workplace environments based on Microsoft technologies such as Office 365 and Azure.

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