Create transparency around the carbon footprint of your company, products and processes

For industry players and service providors that want to track, disclose and reduce their carbon footprints.

Automates the calculation of your carbon footprint.
Ensures traceability and auditability of your carbon footprint.
Reduces the cost of tracking your carbon footprint by at least 50%.

Value Proposition

Carbon+Alt+Delete automatically calculates carbon footprints. Based on underlying activity data, such as energy consumption and transport metrics, the corresponding carbon emissions are calculated using recent emission factors. This can be implemented on the level of a company, a product or service, or a specific process. All carbon emission are aggregated in an interactive dashboard that facilitates management discussions and helps identify mitigation actions. We offer the solution as an integrated SaaS solution, but we can also integrate specific modules within your business software.


  • Standardized and auditable carbon footprint calculation (Greenhouse Gas protocol, ISO 14064).
  • Actionable insights to reduce carbon emissions (based on underlying granular activity data).
  • Cost-efficient solution to structurally embed carbon footprinting into your core processes.

Software package

1 year contract (starting price)
  • Access to SaaS solution for 1 year
  • 10 hours of support from our experts

Consultancy package

(starting price)
  • Consulting support to calculate base year carbon footprint
  • Consulting support to draft carbon strategy and mitigation plan
  • Access to SaaS solution for 1 year

Contact our expert

Kenneth Van den Bergh

Kenneth has 10 years of experience in the energy and sustainability sector as an academic researcher and strategy consultant. He combines a technical engineering background with sound business acumen to support companies in their transitions towards a low-carbon economy.

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