Azure AD B2C Integration

Allow users to connect with your applications using their own identity providers

Organizations that want to integrate their webshops or applications with Azure AD B2C and enable users to log in with their own idenity providers (Microsoft, ITSME, Github, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

The registration and sign in pages can be customized
Customers can use their preferred identity provider
Integration with apps and databases to capture sign-in and conversion data

Value Proposition

Azure AD Business to Consumer allows customers to log into your web and mobile apps with their own preferred identity providers. Authentication protocols including OpenID Connect, OAuth2.0 and SAML are supported. Azure AD B2C centralizes the collection of user profile and preference information and captures detailed analytics about sign-in behavior and sign-up conversion. With this solution, you can customize the registration process of your applications and use the same identity for all connected B2C applications.


  • Individual customers can sign up or sign in with individual accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ITSME, ...)
  • Business customers can sign up or sign in with their enterprise credentials, such as their corporate Microsoft accounts
  • Company staff can log in using their known corporate credentials

Azure AD B2C Integration

On demand

Packaged consulting services: creating B2C tenants for development, testing, quality and production; automatization in Azure DevOps; integration with external identity providers (ITSME, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, Github, etc.)

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Lorenzo Dieryckx

Lorenzo is a seasoned software developer with nearly 20 years of experience. He combines his deep technical knowledge with the ability to convey that information to both technical and non-technical people. He is is also able to think functionally and from an end-user's perspective. His true specialty, however, lies with custom integrations. He integrates all systems big and small, going from simple data integrations, to integrating large-scale identity management solutions.

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