Accounts Receivable & Payable Dashboard

A deep insight in receivables and payables accounts

For organizations with a need to manage working capital better in order to finance short term business activity organically.

Reduction of DSO by 15 days
30% more float gap between DPO & DSO

Value Proposition

The analytics dashboards bring organizations facing working capital problems immediately to the root cause of the issue. By a set of pre-built visualisations both on AR and AP, they enable them to put the necessary resolution plans in place, to monitor the impact over time and to optimize cash flow.


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  • Tool for aging balance diagnostics
  • Pre-built visualisations and metrics monitoring
  • Managing float gap between DPO & DSO
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(Revenue < € 1 billion)

€ 10 000/year
3 year contract

Packaged consulting services

  • Installation
  • Training

Corporate Package

(Revenue > € 1 billion)

€ 30 000/year
3 year contract

Packaged consulting services

  • Installation
  • Training

Excl. SW licenses (as from 10 BI users)

Right to use IP

Early termination fee: 2 years

3 months limited warranty

Excl. maintenance

Excl. integration

Packaged consulting services:

  • SME Package: limited to 5 mandays/year
  • Corporate Package: limited to 5 mandays/year

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Dries Storme

During his career, Dries Storme has been working within almost all phases of a project realization. At various customers, he did very challenging projects. After the certification for Prince2, he took up a lot of project management roles. Now, Dries takes up the role of project manager for several medium and large projects. Next to the PM role, he is involved in agnostic architectural questions and business development. Within delaware Dries responsible for the go to market for SAP Analytics Cloud and takes the lead for intellectual property within the data & analytics domain.

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