A+ Performance in China

How is your site performing in China? Let’s have a look behind the great firewall.

Organizations interested in testing the performance of their websites in China and optimizing it for a fast-growing market.

Make your site load faster in China
Personalize your content and use Chinese platforms that are not blocked
Configure the right hosting solution

Value Proposition

Sites can load 13 times slower behind the great Chinese firewall. Some content may be blocked, causing visitors to see empty pages. We help you identify which areas of your website can be optimized in terms of performance and marketing. 

The analysis includes:

  • website speed performance test in China vs. Europe/US 
  • visual comparison of components that are not displayed properly in China
  • high-level overview of solutions (hosting, ICP, social media, payment)


  • Is your site blocked? Does it load quickly?
  • Verify if your site is optimized for the Chinese market
  • Learn about hosting solutions and receive marketing advice
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Website Performance Analysis: China

€ 1.000

No consulting mandays

Excl. packaged consulting services

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Cedric Vandewoude

Cedric is a digital expert based in our Shanghai office. He has traveled to over 40 countries and looks at solutions on a global scale. With his technical experience in platforms like Sitecore, Episerver and Kentico he connects business and IT all over the world.

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